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One of the most important and obvious reasons to earn a college degree is to increase your earning potential.

If you obtain a bachelor's degree you are much more likely to earn more money throughout your career than if you have an associate's degree, some college or only a high school education.

People decide to go to college for many reasons. One of the most compelling is the expectation of future economic success based on educational attainment.1

Benefits of a Bachelor's Degree

  • Having a bachelor's degree can help open doors in your chosen profession.
  • Most employers, when given the opportunity, will choose an applicant with a bachelor's degree, over one without.
  • Earning your bachelor's degree shows an employer you have the ability to follow through with a plan.
  • Many companies and industries are transitioning into managerial-level employees with bachelor's degrees.

If you live in Cowlitz or a surrounding county and want to earn your bachelor's degree, but cannot relocate or commute because of work and family responsiblities, consider the University Center!

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1US Census Bureau, The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings, July 2002, page 1.

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