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At eLearning, we're committed to helping you find the answers to your questions as quickly as possible. To help, we've compiled a list of questions students ask regularly.

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Online Course Questions

Online courses are not easier than face-to-face classes, but they may be more convenient. Online courses cover the same material that face-to-face classes do, but it sometimes takes students longer to process the material. The most important thing to know about taking an online course is that they they require more self-discipline and time management skills. Without a designated class time, you'll have to make the time yourself.

If you aren't sure whether or not you're ready for an online course, try the Is Online Learning for Me? quiz! Then, check out How to Be a Good Online Student!

Each online instructor runs their classroom differently, but most have assignment due dates. These dates are provided at the start of the quarter, in the course syllabus, so that you can structure your time to meet the deadlines. This allows flexibility in your schedule but also keeps you on track to complete the class by the end of the quarter.

Instructors communicate in many different ways. Generally, email and telephone are the easiest ways to contact your instructor. Instructors include their contact information and schedule of availability in the syllabus of their online class. If you have problems accessing your syllabus online, email us at

Most laptops will work for online classes. For a detailed recommendation, check out the Recommended Technology for Online Students at LCC. For further questions, contact our eLearning office at (360) 442-2520 or email

The eLearning Office recommends using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You can also view all the supported browsers for Canvas, the learning management system most online courses use.

Buy your books online or in person from the LCC Bookstore. Books ordered online can be picked up at the store or shipped to you for a fee.

See the Class Schedule for a list of classes that feature free or inexpensive textbooks. Just select the quarter you are registering for and click the link for Alternative Educational Resources (AER).

See Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines for information about the disbursal of your financial aid check, as well as links to detailed information in the Financial Aid Handbook regarding your Financial Aid Check. All students are encouraged to favorite the Academic Calendar for important financial aid and other student dates and deadlines.

Contact your course instructor. Your instructor's contact information will be on the course syllabus and in the Campus Directory. Tutoring services are available on campus by visiting the Tutoring Center. Both online and in-person tutoring assistance is covered by your student fees.

Online courses generally do not have a face-to-face component. Students complete all course work via the Internet, by going to the college's learning management systems (Canvas or MyMathLab), logging in with a username and password, and accessing their virtual classroom.

Online courses might be right for you if you live far from campus, have a hectic home and work schedule that doesn't allow for face-to-face class time, or just love working with technology.

Please Note: Some online courses require that students use a proctoring service for their online exams. This can be done at LCC, other colleges/approved sites, or with ProctorU. Many test proctoring services charge a fee, which students are responsible for paying. Students should work with their instructors if they have any questions about test proctoring requirements.

Hybrid courses blend face-to-face interaction with online participation and learning. For example: students go online, read lessons, take a practice quiz, then come to a face-to-face class and talk about what they learned online. Hybrid courses generally only meet once or twice per week.

Hybrid courses might be right for you if you really love online learning but still value face-to-face time with your instructor. Hybrid courses are a great stepping stone to purely online courses.

Canvas Enhanced courses are face-to-face courses that have an additional required online component. For example: a face-to-face instructor may require you to access reading, assignment material, or submit an assignment online. However, no seat time is replaced by online instruction. Enhanced courses have no reduction in classroom time, and they offer the bonus of being able to access and organize your work electronically.

Canvas Informational courses are face-to-face courses that have an additional non-required online component. For example: a face-to-face instructor makes all syllabus and class handouts available for download or posts grades via Canvas.

Canvas is LCC's Learning Management System. It's where most online, hybrid, and Canvas enhanced courses are housed. In Canvas, you'll complete and submit assignments, communicate with your instructors and classmates, and interact with the content of your courses.

To learn about Canvas, you can use our Fully Online Canvas Orientation or you can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a tutor.

Password Questions

If you're a first time user or you've forgotten your username use the Get Username & Password form. If you need to reset or change your password, use the Change Password form. You cannot change your username.

These links are also available on the Online Services page.

Your LCC username and password are used for accessing your student email and logging on to campus computers and Library databases. You username is also used to log in to Canvas.

To log in to Canvas, use your LCC username with your Student ID number as your password.

To log in to MyMathLab, use your Student ID number as your username and your birthday as your password in YYMMDD format. (Example: May 19, 1980 would be 800519.)

For additional information see MyMathLab Help.

Sadly, you cannot change your MyMathLab password permanently. All MyMathLab passwords reset to your birthday in YYMMDD format each day.

Get your Student ID number from the Get Student ID form.

This link is also available on the Online Services page.

Your Global PIN is usually your birthday in MMDDYY format, without the first zero of the month. For example, May 20th, 1994 would be 52094.

Get your Global PIN by calling Registration at (360) 442-2370.

Other Questions

Our Tech Tutorials page has tutorials for a variety of technical issues, but when all else fails, contact us! Call (360) 442-2520, email us at, or stop by our office in Library 107.

Important: Keep an eye out for Tech Check Days! During Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter, students from the IT program set up shop in the Learning Commons to help students with their personal computers with issues like slowness, installing programs, and more! The dates for this event are set each quarter, so be sure to check the Campus Calendar!

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