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These students will inspire you!

These inspiring success stories speak to the courage, determination and dedication these students have exhibited—often overcoming significant odds—in order to reach their educational goals and create a better life for themselves and their families.

Class of 2018

Clinton Howard

Clinton Howard

LCC Class of 2018


“Howard helped to establish a literacy program and partnership with St. Helens Elementary School in Longview. ”

Daron Wallace

Daron Wallace

LCC Class of 2018

Accounting Technician

“I really like all the help you have once you get into school, especially the tutors, the advisors, and the staff in the Career Center.”

Caitlin Giamello

Caitlin Giamello

LCC Class of 2018


“The nursing instructors are very personable and available. They really pushed me to be better.”

Roxanne Frasier

Roxanne Frasier

LCC Class of 2018

Accounting Technician

“The skills I learned at LCC have helped me with my job. There's a lot more I can do now than before I enrolled.”

Jacob Klopp

Jacob Klopp

LCC Class of 2018


“I want to have a positive influence on people and make a difference. I decided that a business degree would be the first step in that process. In the future, I plan to lead in such a way that inspires people and brings them together.”

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopez

LCC Class of 2018

Mechanical Engineering

“The most important thing to me is that I'm a good role model. I want to be able to take care of my mom. My becoming an engineer is really making my family proud.”

Class of 2017

Andrew Jaspers - Mechanical Engineering

“Even if you don’t know if you want to go to college, you might as well come to LCC and try out classes comparatively cheaply.” Read more

Ashley Hall - Math

“In college you get to branch out, prepare for your own future and not do what everyone else is doing. It sets you up for success!” Read more

Chase Hunter - Electrical Engineering

"Chase is a Running Start student from Kelso High School and is earning his associate degree in Computer and Electric Pre-Engineering." Read more

Maria Bueno - Early Childhood Education

"Maria was the first person in her extended family to enroll in college, and the impact of her decision on her relatives has been substantial." Read more

Monica Vera - Early Childhood Education

"Monica is the first in her Latino family to attend college, which has presented some challenges." Read more

Sofie Shulda - Nursing

"Find a few friends who are taking similar classes and study with them, be thankful for the opportunity to go to school, and most importantly, learn from your mistakes.” Read more

Steven Hogg - Medical Assisting

"LCC plays a critical role in the local economy. I don’t want to stop learning and doing new things just because I retired." Read more

Class of 2016

Adelina Delao - General Transfer

"Standing at a crossroads in her life, she took the brave step of enrolling in the CEO program." Read more

Alina Nesjorkina - General Transfer

"Planning to major in business, her career plans changed to medicine after a humanitarian aid trip to Haiti." Read more

Anna Claunch - Business

"Anna graduated with an Associate of Arts-Direct Transfer Agreement from LCC this spring, alongside her high school diploma.Read more

Ginny Albright - Medical Assisting

"Dedication to getting her degree and building her career taught her children the value of following their dreams." Read more

Katherine Allred - Drama

"Acting experience in 3rd grade set her on a career track to theatre, a soccer injury in high school set the stage." Read more

Matthew Crawford - Elementary Education

"A series of traumatic experiences in early childhood nearly prevented him from becoming a teacher." Read more

Shawney Garbe - Early Childhood Education

"Determined to care for her family, reach her educational goals, and impact others." Read more

Tanner Byman - Engineering

"Working 20 hours a week to pay for books and tuition while balancing school work has been challenging." Read more

Class of 2015

Angela Gates - Nursing

"A single mother with significant challenges, she credits LCC faculty and staff with her success." Read more

Ben Soleim - Sports Management

"Having traveled the world, he came home to work in ministry and pursue a degree in sports journalism." Read more

Cheyenne DeFrates - Engineering

"Overcoming addiction and a lack of college readiness, his college journey has been anything but traditional." Read more

Class of 2014

Jamie Skeie - Chemical Engineering

"Running Start saved me a lot of money, plus I developed great study habits. The class intensity may be daunting, but it’s worth it." Read more

Class of 2013

Sean Gestson - Environmental Engineering

"After several years working in retail and other service industry jobs, Sean decided he wanted a more challenging career and that would require returning to school." Read more

Class of 2012

James McBride - Automotive Technology

"LCC provided me with a way to go to school and take care of my children through enrollment in Head Start." Read more

Class of 2008

Laura Hayes - English

"LCC was the best place to spend my last two years of high school. It benefited my personal and professional development." Read more

Class of 2001

Sam Hansen - Computer Science

"Running Start was a very rewarding challenge. It helped me out when I attended university later, while saving me around $33,000." Read more

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