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March 20 - April 14 campus will be closed to all students/visitors, and all events are canceled. Spring quarter will run April 20 - June 18, and instruction will be delivered online as much as possible. - Learn More.

Information and instructions for advisors to clubs, organizations and co-curricular groups on how to reserve entertainment and rooms, make travel arrangements, and related tasks.


Student Center

Contact Paz Clearwater, Director of Student Programs
Student Center, Student Activities Office
  (360) 442-2443

All other locations

Contact Cliff Hicks, Director of Enterprise Services
Student Center, Room 147
  (360) 442-2241

Booking Entertainment or Speakers

Submit these forms to the dean of the CCOC advisor a minimum of three weeks prior to the event.

Advertising Events Around Campus

Digital Signage

  • Submit artwork to Paz Clearwater with date and time of event.
  • Artwork should be landscape in a jpeg or png file format
  • For any questions or best practices advice contact Paz Clearwater

15th Avenue Reader Board

  • Submit basic event information to Paz Clearwater:
    • Name of Event
    • Date and Time
    • Location

Advertising Boards Around Campus

  • For use of the white sandwich boards contact the ASLCC Public Relations Director at
    • The PR Director will work with you on the number of boards and how long to keep them up as well as printing the artwork
  • To put fliers on the bulletin boards submit artwork to the ASLCC Public Relations Director
    • The PR Director will print the fliers and contact you for pick up.
    • All artwork is required to display the Lower Columbia College Clubs & Organizations logo. For assistance with the logo please contact Paz Clearwater.

Arranging Travel

Before the Trip

  • A Prior Approval for Travel form must be completed and turned in to the Student Activities office a minimum of two weeks prior to the travel date.
  • An agenda, itinerary, or registration must accompany the Prior Approval, along with a list of all students/staff/faculty that are traveling. It is the CCOC advisors responsibility to ensure that all individuals traveling are currently enrolled students, staff, or faculty.
  • If any students are driving they must turn in a separate Prior Approval form and a signed Privately Owned Vehicle Travel Authorization form with a copy of their Driver's License and Insurance card at the bottom. This must be done a minimum of two weeks prior to the travel date.
  • A student is only eligible for travel reimbursement if:
    • A second driver is needed and the student has permission from their advisor and the Director of Student Programs
    • The student has turned in all required travel documents
    • The students must travel themselves due to a medical condition that can not be accommodated for. This must be approved by the CCOC advisor and the Director of Student Programs.
  • All students traveling must have signed the Informed Acknowledgment and Consent to Trip Hazards & Risks Form. All signed forms must be turned in to the Student Activities office prior to leaving.
  • If you are looking to get a cash advance for the trip a Travel Authorization form (A-40) must be completed and turned in a minimum of three weeks prior to the travel date.
  • The Per Diem rates for all CCOC's is as follows: Breakfast $5, Lunch $10, Dinner $15. Students / Staff must sign the Per Diem Sheet showing that they received the funds. This sheet must be turned in with all receipts.

After the Trip

  • A TEV (Travel Expense Voucher) must be turned in to the Student Activities office within a week of returning.
  • All receipts from the trip must be turned in with the TEV.
  • Any receipts for food must have a list of all that ate.
  • If a student driver needs reimbursement they must fill out a separate TEV, have the club advisor sign it, and turn it in to the Student Activities office.

Arranging Transportation and/or Hotel Accommodations

Club Advisors are responsible for all transportation and hotel accommodations

  • To reserve a motorpool vehicle (car or van) contact Campus Services at, 360.442.2261.
  • For airline tickets contact Student Services at, 360.442.2300.
  • The Club Advisor can make their own hotel accommodations. Be sure to use an LCC Visa card and ask for the state rate when reserving your room(s).

Required airline traveler's information

  • Full name as shown on government issued ID
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Emergency contact information
  • Preferred flight(s) including: airline, date, time, and seating preference
  • Student / Staff ID number


Advisors can check out a Visa card from the Student Activities office for making purchases.

  • The card must be returned within a reasonable period of time with all receipts.
  • Write club name and budget number on top of all receipts.
  • If food was purchased there must be a list of all who ate unless purchasing food for a campus event then the event must be listed.

Cash Reimbursement

  • If a purchase is under $50 the advisor or student can be reimbursed by filling out a petty cash form. This form can be picked up in the Student Activities or Finance offices. The form must be signed by the advisor and the Director of Student Programs before you can be reimbursed.
  • If the purchase is greater than $50 an a19 invoice voucher from must be filled out. This can be picked up in the Student Activities or Finance offices. An a19 can take up to 3 weeks to process.


  • All fundraisers must be approved by the Student Activities office.
  • All raised funds must be deposited into the Student Activities Reserve (264-HC00) and a copy of the deposit slip must be returned to the Student Activities office. Deposit slips are available from the cashier or in the Student Activities office.
  • The S & A fund account (264) does not roll over each fiscal year. The club fundraising account (265) does roll over each fiscal year.

Contact Student Programs & Activities

Stop by the Student Programs & Activities office located on the second floor of the Student Center during regular business hours (M – F: 8 am – 5 pm) for information about clubs, student government, student awards and other student information.

 Paz Clearwater, Director

  (360) 442-2443


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