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Meet your 2018-19 ASLCC Officers!

Your associated student government officers work to create an interactive, fun and welcoming environment for students and community members on the LCC campus.

If you have an issue or idea you'd like to discuss, want to know about student events and activities, or learn how to become a student leader, visit the ASLCC offices upstairs in the Student Center or call the Student Government phone at 360-442-2450. Email addresses for individual ASLCC officers are found on the pages below.

Trevor Roberts


Trevor Roberts

Ha daguchiyabi,

Eyaka Mato ehmagiyabi. Amba ne daya wacheemnoga!


My name is Trevor Roberts (my Indian name is Eyaka Mato). I am honored to serve as your 2018-19 ASLCC Student Body President. I am an enrolled member of the Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes of Montana, and am very proud of my background. My heritage has helped to guide me throughout my life and helps steer my education endeavors. I am also Hopi from my dad's side. Last year I relocated from Denver to Longview to pursue my education and cheaper rent.

Since I began at Lower Columbia College last summer, I have served as President of Multicultural Club, Student Representative for the Diversity and Equity Committee, and currently serve as the Student Liaison for the Washington State Student Engagement Network.

I am currently pursuing my General AA-DTA, which I plan to transfer and apply toward a Bachelors in Native American Studies. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree, I plan on applying to Law School to study federal Indian law so that I can continue in my family's tradition of helping our people.

It is an honor to be chosen for this position and I will work my hardest to make LCC a more diverse, welcoming, and accessible space for all. My door is always open if you ever want to come by my desk upstairs in the Student Center to talk.

I look forward to this next year with you all! Thanks again for this opportunity!!

Ake wacheemnaginkta!

Contact Trevor

  (360) 442-2450

Jenna LaFontaine

Vice President of Activities

Jenna LaFontaine

I am Jenna LaFontaine, the 2018-2019 ASLCC Vice President of Student Activities. I am located in the Student Center on the 2nd floor, room 213. I was born in Longview, WA, and have lived in Castle Rock my whole life. Everyone in my family has attended Lower Columbia College. This is my second year of running start through Castle Rock High school. Both my siblings were in the running start program as well. While at LCC I will be getting my general AA transfer degree. After I graduate from LCC I plan on transferring to WSU Vancouver to get my degree in Human Resources.

I am very excited to be a part of student government here at Lower Columbia College for my second year in a row. I learned a lot from being in ASLCC last year, and decided to come back for another year. As the new activities director I plan to do 1 event per week to get as many students involved as possible. I am also open to new ideas and events that students want to see on campus. I hope to make our campus a fun an open environment where everyone feels welcome to participate in the activities. We are going to have a great year!!

Contact Jenna

  (360) 442-2450

Robert Kamau

Vice President of Student Affairs

Robert Kamau

My name is Robert Kung’u Kamau, I am from Africa in a country called Kenya. Since I was in primary school, in which here it's called middle school at 7th grade, I was chosen to be a leader of which I was the games and sports captain, at the time, we all know that there are people whom are born leaders and people whom are made to lead. With leadership, even if one tries to run away from it, it will always come back to you because it’s an attribute which is within oneself.

When I began high school, I was a captain due to my outstanding leadership of which we always prioritize to serve others than ourselves even if how smart we are, how organized one is or how anyone is. In my own opinion, we should always look at each other with unity always. I love talking to people and try helping them as much as I can with their problems. For who I am, I am a melancholy choleric person of whom organization is my top priority together with serving others and seeing students and maybe even the instructors and professors happy.

In my life, am a person who was raised by women and so the perception of equality will always be something to stand for and uphold in my life and also to be done in school also.

Contact Robert

  (360) 442-2450

Sydney Pearson

Chief Justice

Sydney Pearson

Hello! I'm Sydney Pearson and I'll be your Chief Justice this year. This is my second year at LCC in Running Start. While taking classes here I discovered my passion for Psychology and plan to pursue a career in it.

I moved to Longview two years ago from Federal Way, Washington where I grew up. I have grown to love the community and Longview feels like home.

My parents and two little brothers keep my life interesting and support me. I have the best friends I could ask for who make my life a joy to live.

In my spare time I watch movies, play with my dog and listen to or play music. Piano is a big part of my life. I began playing in third grade and often play at church. I love to swim and I was on the swim team.

I am so excited to be in student government and hope to serve my school and make this year more enjoyable for LCC students. I'd like for more students to understand what we do at ASLCC and get more involved in our events. Additionally, I want to have activities on campus where those that are introverted or quieter about their beliefs can share what they would like to see change on campus.

Contact Sydney

  (360) 442-2450

Rose Graff

Public Relations Director

Rose Graff

Hi! My name is Rosie Graff and I am the new PR Director for ASLCC!

I was born and raised in Kelso, Washington. I absolutely love the Pacific Northwest and all of its natural beauties. Some of my favorite activities include: running, hiking, dancing, singing, watching movies, reading, baseball, tennis, swimming, and kayaking. I play tennis and study classical ballet. I've done ballet for nine years now, and it's the love of my life! I really enjoy music. The cello is my favorite instrument. I play cello in Kelso High School's chamber orchestra, I teach cello lessons, and I play in a quintet.

I am thrilled to be in student government. I love being involved and getting to know all sorts of people. I enjoy public speaking and I'm excited to get to reach out to the community as the PR Director. With experience in political science, academics, and extracurricular activities, I hope I can help make LCC a better place.

Contact Rose

  (360) 442-2450

Jennifer Rowland

Club & Diversity Chair

Jennifer Rowland

Hello, my name is Jennifer Rowland.

This is my second year at LCC and as the Club and Diversity Chair, I'm excited to get to know all those involved in the various clubs, organizations and co-curricular groups and work closely with you all to advertise and create more buzz around your clubs. Some of my favorite activities include painting, playing video games, and trying out the rock wall at our fitness center. I'm also a big fan of Harry Potter, Doctor Who and my favorite band is Eve 6. See you around campus!

Contact Jennifer

  (360) 442-2450

Edward Shrull

Finance Director

Edward Shrull

Hi. my name is Edward Shrull.

I was born in Salem, Oregon on September 1, 1974. I am a Kelso High School graduate class of '92. I am a very compassionate and caring person that loves to work and help other people. I am studying to be a chemical dependency counselor. I got involved because I love to work in a team oriented environment and also so I can be more involved with our local community college. You can locate me upstairs in the Student Center. Also feel free to email me. I want to wish everyone a great year and can't wait to see how it turns out.

Contact Edward

  (360) 442-2450

Tim Timmreck

Governing Board Senator

Tim Timmreck

I am the ASLCC Governing Board Senator. I play a supporting role in the Executive Council and all Governing Board procedures of the ASLCC.

I was born In Longview Washington. I've lived in Montana, Alaska, and Spokane, Washington; and also in Germany and Louisiana.

I served in the U.S. Army for four years. I have served as a Water Commissioner. I am currently National Executive Committee Alternate for the Sons of the American Legion Detachment of Washington, President of the Veterans Alliance and Senator for the Multi-Cultural Club.

I believe all people should have a voice not just the chosen few. I will defend that right always. I will be that voice for those who are afraid.

I am studying Advanced Manufacturing.

I got involved with Student Government because I feel with the help of my cohorts we can make a difference and a better place to learn over all.

Contact Tim

  (360) 442-2450

Madeline Del Castillo

Activities Board Senator

Madeline Del Castillo

Hi Red Devils!

My name is Madeline Del Castillo and I am your Activities Board Senator for the 2018-19 school year.

I am a second year running start student from Castle Rock High School. I enjoy being active and I compete in soccer and tennis for my high school. I am working towards my General AA Degree and after graduation, I hope to transfer to a four-year university and play tennis.

Being in student government allows me to improve my leadership abilities whilst supporting and engaging students on campus. Having a welcoming and inclusive campus is something I value and want to be a part of. I look forward to the great year ahead of us!

Contact Madeline

  (360) 442-2450

Mikayla Buck

Graphic Designer

Mikayla Buck

Hello LCC, I'm the new Graphic designer for ASLCC. I'm so excited for this opportunity to be involved!

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and always in love with being here, I'm super passionate about building communities and small groups with the help of advertising and event planning. I believe well planned events alongside passionate designers and coordinators is the key to creating enthusiasm in everyday life. Bringing everyone together is an amazing thing to be able to do, and I believe we have the ability to do exactly that this year, and I have the chance to assist in creating content for ASLCC for that purpose!

If I wasn't aiming to be a graphic designer, I would love to be an event planner or an animation artist. I love art, drama, videogames, hiking with my fiancé, and sushi! My goals for this year is to reach out to clubs and create more of a connection between clubs and student government, as well as create a connection between ASLCC and each and every student on campus.

Contact Mikayla

  (360) 442-2450

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