What's your exercise thing? Whatever it is, chances are you'll find a place to fit in at the Gym & Fitness Center!

Fit, spin, intramural, open gym, rock climbing, weight lifting, and continuing education classes, along with traditional for-credit PE classes. Scroll below for more information.


Fit Class

Increase performance and overall fitness!

A high-intensity, full-body workout that involves a comprehensive mixture of strength training, cardio, flexibility, and balance in order to tone and strengthen muscles while offering an alternative to your daily workout routine. 

Quarterly (for credit) Classes

Round out your credit load with a convenient one or two-credit PE class.

A variety of Pilates, yoga, cross training, weight training and Zumba classes are taught in the Gym & Fitness Center. See Class Schedule for listing.

Continuing Education Classes

Pursue your passion with a health and wellness class offered through Continuing Education.

Community members love taking classes like Zumba Fitness or Pilates Core Challenge in the Gym and Fitness Center. See Continuing Education for listing.

Full and part-time students are already members!

Red Devils Athletics

Official LCC Athletics site.

  Current Hours of Operation

Fitness Center

Monday - Thursday
6 am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday

Bouldering permitted during Fitness Center hours.

Juice Bar

Monday - Thursday
6 am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday

Top Rope Climbing

Monday - Thursday
For eligible members only and by appointment
call 360-442-2245 for reservations

Myklebust Gym

Monday - Thursday 11 am - 2 pm (when not being used by athletic teams)
Sat/Sun closed

Group Opportunities

Intramural Sports & Activities

Connect with other students while having fun playing volleyball, basketball and other sports!

Sports and recreational activities are good for developing yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Each quarter we feature a new sport and new opportunities.

Open Gym

Participate in full court basketball games, play horse, or just shoot some hoops!

Open Gym is available anytime it is not in use for athletics or events. We encourage you to attend a Red Devil home game in the gym. Admission is free to all LCC students and employees with ID.

Sand Volleyball

Work your muscles much harder than on a regular floor.

LCC has one of few sand volleyball courts in the region! It's located outside the east end of the Gym & Fitness Center and available to LCC students and employees. Check out a volleyball at the front desk.

Rock Climbing Wall

Build confidence, overcome challenges, and relieve stress.

Are you a rock climbing enthusiast? We have bouldering, climbing training, family climbs, kids classes, and more!


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