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Students and working professionals across the nation are taking advantage of the convenience and cost savings of LCC's Online Spanish curriculum.

The practical combination of language immersion and structured lectures fulfill degree and workplace requirements.

Online Spanish Advantages

  • Courses fulfill foreign language and diversity credit requirements.
  • One-on-one communication with your instructor.
  • Work at your own pace, privately and comfortably.
  • Record your own voice and listen to yourself speaking Spanish.
  • Connect with other online students with interactive activities.
  • Instructor available to accommodate most students' hectic schedules.
  • Technical staff available to help you manage the e-textbook.
  • Study guides tell you what to expect on each exam.
  • Spanish tutors are trained to assist with online learning.
  • Visit any classroom section or switch to a classroom section.

“I was nervous about taking an online Spanish class, but it has been great!” — Student, Fall 2015

Online Spanish Curriculum

Lower Columbia College's online Spanish curriculum uses Vistas (first-year sequence) and Enfoques (second-year sequence) through Vista Higher Learning.

Vistas may be taken for college credit (5 credits each level), as Spanish for the Workplace (3 credits each level), or as an audited course for learning everyday Spanish.

By the end of the first five credits, most beginners understand enough Spanish to participate in a conversation!

Get started today!.

Meet your Instructor


Alex Emerson

Alex Emerson

English & Spanish Instructor
“Buenos días amigos!” — Señora Emerson

One of the key features of Vistas (first-year sequence) and Enfoques (second-year sequence) is students' ability to hear Spanish from native speakers and thereby develop listening comprehension, which eventually becomes written and spoken expression of the language. Students with previous Spanish develop fluency and reinforce grammar proficiency. Exercises and activities are carefully sequenced for skill-building and success. Also included are an interactive dictionary, an electronic verb wheel, and a grammar reference guide. Students may follow the sequence page by page or, as with a paper textbook, skip pages and return as desired.

First-year students have the freedom to switch from an online section to a classroom section, and vice versa, if a class is available.

First-year students take five proctored exams (on paper) and make ten llamadas (telephone calls) during the quarter. Exams involve listening and reading comprehension (multiple-choice, true-false, and short-answer questions), and objective contextualization and problem-solving (fill-in-the-blank and matching). Many test sections are taken directly from the Supersite! Exams may be taken on- or off-campus with approved proctors. Some exams are para llevar, that is, open-book, take-home exams, not proctored. Llamadas are calls made to a telephone voicemail line with predetermined text. Pop quizzes on Supersite video activities might also be given by email.

Second-year students take four proctored exams in each of the three levels (221, 222, 223), make a total of 8 llamadas, write four brief composiciones, and as we are able, participate in brief conversaciones. Most grammar problems are completed on exámenes para llevar.

Contact Online Spanish Instructor

 Alex Emerson/English & Spanish Instructor

 (360) 442-2638
Fax: (360) 442-2649

 Office Location

Applied Arts Building, Rm 152


Mon - Fri: 11 - 12 am or by appointment
Campus closed on Fridays during summer session (July/Aug).

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