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Receive college credit for specific industry training and certifications that have been pre-assessed by faculty for alignment with specific classes offered at LCC.

Credit granted for professional certificates or training may be used to satisfy any graduation requirement but may not be accepted as part of the 24 required credits in residence. Students must pay required fees after assessment has occurred. Transferability of credit granted by this method is determined by the receiving institution.

Microsoft Office Specialist: Word Core Certification

  • BTEC 111 Word Processing I (5 credits)
  • BTEC 145 Intro to Word (5 credits)

Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Core

  • BEC 131 Intro to Spreadsheets (formerly CS 121) (5 credits)

Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Expert

  • BTEC 132 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications (formerly CS 122) (5 credits)

Microsoft Office Specialist: Access Core

  • BTEC 141 Introductory Database Applications (formerly CS 130) (5 credits)

Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook

  • BTEC 148 Intro to Outlook (2 credits)

Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint

  • BTEC 146 PowerPoint Fundamentals (2 credits)

Microsoft Office Specialist: Word Expert

  • BTEC 112 Word Processing II (5 credits)

Mental Health First Aid

  • AH 166 Mental Health First Aid for Adults (formerly BTEC 166) (1 credit)

Basic Law Enforcement Academy (720 hours)

  • CJ& 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice (5 credits)
  • CJ& 110 Criminal Law (5 credits)
  • CJ 184 Administration of Justice (5 credits)

Childhood Development Associate Credential Certificate

  • ECED& 100 Childcare Basics (3 credits)
  • ECED& 107 Health/Safety Nutrition (5 credits)
  • ECED& 120 Practicum/Nurturing Relationships (2 credits)

Childcare Basics Certificate Program (Washington STARS)

  • ECED& 100 Childcare Basics (3 credits)

7 Hour HIV/AIDS Certification

  • AH 100 Blood Borne Pathogens and Infection Control (1 credit)

American Red Cross Ceritifcation: Lifeguard, First Aid, CPR, AED

  • PHED 284 Life Guard Training (2 credits)


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